May 10 2010

A Canadian Election Over the Afghan Detainees Issue?

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Do Canadian political opposition parties really want an election over the partisan-engineered detainee debacle?

Be careful what you (publicly) wish for. You might just get it.

Canadians seem to agree: an election over this issue isn’t what they want. Besides, it’s a distraction from what really ought to be the real debate: precisely what will Canada’s role in Afghanistan be going forward from 2011?

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3 Responses to “A Canadian Election Over the Afghan Detainees Issue?”

  1. Joshuaon 10 May 2010 at 5:56 am

    With European finances in shambles at the moment,do you want to start messing around with changing govts?Do you really want to start raising taxes like all parties in opposition to the Cons want to do?The Liberals in Ontario just raised provincial taxes.Great.The federal govt reduces them and now the provincial one raises them.My net gain? Zero.
    Unlike some i have nothing to gain financially by voting.So i can afford to make my choice based on what i know is best for the country.Some are only siding with one end of the spectrum because thats where they get the money from.Enough said.

  2. jnarveyon 10 May 2010 at 7:39 am

    The Brits just had an election this week and seem to be the better for it, even though they’re enduring their own financial woes.

    If we’re postponing elections until economic stability comes back, we’ll be waiting a veeeeeeeeery long time.

    Actually, I don’t have a problem in principle with governments raising taxes if that’s what it takes to get our fiscal house in order. At a provincial and federal level, we simply haven’t been paying our bills.

    Governments and opposition parties can argue about what they need to spend money on, but we ought not pay for programs without a plan for how they will be paid for over the long term.

  3. bull calleron 10 May 2010 at 5:24 pm


    The “what canadians want” conservative sock puppet mantra about any issue that presents bad optics for them will inevitably backfire.

    If you honestly think that the detainee issue is the only prevailing issue that the opposition can use to topple this government, I think you’ve been spending too much time on twitter my friend.

    Conservative sock puppet bloggers have more to worry about than just the detainee files.

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