May 20 2010

Best Move for South Korea is to Do Nothing

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A North Korean warship fires a torpedo at a South Korean warship, killing all aboard. The South Koreans take their good time in developing a report (in triplicate, with lots of neat pictures and Power Point presentation), with the assistance of a range of other countries, which calls the Northerners out on their aggression. Naturally, the North is now threatening war for the release of the report and any future response to their lethal provocation.

Remember that old saying about the best revenge being “living better”? Here’s a case where that adage might apply very well. Do nothing. The North is already suffering badly enough under their own totalitarian misery that it’s hard to see how a South Korean military response could make things much worse for them. To illustrate, some videos:

Quality of Life in North Korea

Quality of Life in South Korea

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One Response to “Best Move for South Korea is to Do Nothing”

  1. David Zeglenon 20 May 2010 at 8:11 pm

    And do nothing they will. Any threat from Korean politicians will be pure posturing and won’t amount to anything.

    The largest population center in South Korea is only 40km from the DMZ, meaning North Korea doesn’t need fancy ICBM’s to cause much destruction. Given the economy’s growth coupled with a low birth rate, its not advantageous for Korea to pursue the continuation of a war with their Northern neighbors.

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