Jul 06 2010

The Bloc Quebecois Is Worried About Traitors to Canada

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Separatists in Quebec want potential traitors to Canada identified by CSIS toute suite. How about looking in a mirror, Maria from the Bloc? From Kelly McParland in the National Post:

The head of CSIS, the national spy agency, is being questioned about his contention that some Canadian politicians are under the influence of foreign governments, and who gets all hot under the collar about it? A Bloc MP, who wants the “traitors” identified.

“Who are the traitors in the current political class, Mr. Fadden?” demanded Maria Mourani of the Bloc Quebecois. Mr. Fadden described her words as totally inappropriate, saying there was no question of treason.

“You don’t use the word ‘traitor’ but I’ll say it…. I’m giving you a chance to tell us. Who are these ministers who are traitors to the nation?” Ms. Mourani fired back.

Um… yeah.

There’s Something Distinct About Quebec, Alright

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