Aug 17 2010

Notes On Netsquared Camp Vancouver

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I was one of the social media nerds hanging out at Netsquared Camp in Vancouver over the weekend. The un-conference was targeted at non-profit people looking to learn more about how to promote social change with Web 2.0 (and some old-skool) tools. I must say, I felt like I was in my element. And I was more than pleased to see old friends and make new ones at the event. So many smart, enterprising nerds (and a few prospective nerds).

Here’s an excerpt from my writeup at my communications strategy and copywriting blog:

I gave two presentations. One was a case study on how an organization I work with, the Canada-Afghanistan Solidarity Committee, used social media and more traditional marketing methods to help change public opinion in Canada.

The second event was a facilitated discussion about the Cost of Social Media. We took input from social media consultants and related contractors as well as from the managers (or people role-playing managers) of various types of organizations. While we did float around some costs for various social media tasks and positions, it’s clear that the compensation for these sorts of jobs will vary widely. That said, I stressed the importance for contractors of at least being able to provide a ballpark figure — simply responding, “that depends” may be realistic and pragmatic, but it’s going to turn off the people willing to buy services.

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