Sep 16 2010


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Line them up and shoot them.

Put that on YouTube.

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One Response to “Savages”

  1. Hoarfroston 16 Sep 2010 at 5:30 pm

    The lack of a moral basis among those under 40 is pervasive. That goes to both sexes, notwithstanding the horror this poor girl went through. I said pervasive but I did not say it was extant.

    Children were once raised in Canada with an underlying Christian morality that most of us accept. I wish, belatedly, we had raised our children as Christians so that they were raised with a standard. If they wished to deviate from the norm in either direction hopefully they had a stable moral foundation from which to deviate.

    If we had maintained that tradition, then maybe, one or two would have taken part in this debacle but not a crowd. Perhaps those one or two who would have no conscience might have been persuaded to defer their plans on this defenseless girl.

    Once upon a time the word “deviates ” meant something. Not so much anymore.

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