Jan 05 2011

An Open Letter To The US Government

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Concerned about the awful news coming out of Pakistan regarding the latest triumph of homicidal religious fanatics? Read my latest in The Propagandist, A Modest Proposal for Pakistan. Fear The Reaper:

You might ask why I am writing to you, since my concern might be more appropriately addressed to the government of Pakistan. Indeed, to get to the root of the problem of rampant Islamist terror emanating from Pakistan, their political leaders must engage this scourge head-on.

Since this isn’t happening, we are left to address the symptoms of the problem of Islamist violence, especially where it manifests in terror movements that can act in a global theatre of operations. And it is here that I believe certain US-led programs in some of the more remote areas of Pakistan are meeting with some success…

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One Response to “An Open Letter To The US Government”

  1. Edmund Onward Jameson 05 Jan 2011 at 2:26 pm

    Pakistan is a hurly-burly place of rogues and supposed allies. Evidently the military was aware of A.Q.Khan doing nuclear business with several countries. Yet we submit funds.

    I noticed your piece on Blogging Tories and thought you and your readers might like to read some other info about Pakistan. B. Raman India constantly keeps readers aware of what is going on in the Asia, and South Asia, especially about Pakistan.



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