Jan 11 2011

Reading Sherlock Holmes

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I’ve been reading a collection of Sherlock Holmes short stories for the first time in my life. And unfortunately, I’m sort of left wondering, what’s the big deal? Am I really smart, or are these mysteries really dumb?

I’m reminded of this bit of dialogue from Throw Momma From The Train:

Larry Donner
It was a murder mystery, three pages long, that, by the way, was no big trick in finding the murderer!

Owen Lift
Well, what gave it away?

Larry Donner
You only had two characters . . . one of which was dead on page two!

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2 Responses to “Reading Sherlock Holmes”

  1. CQon 11 Jan 2011 at 8:17 pm

    I remember finding the first half dozen (and last half dozen) a bit dull. However, I really enjoyed the core series most as it moved from The Adventures and then all the way through The Memoirs set and the first half of the ‘The Return Ofs’. It was also read with the original illustrations from the Strand Magazine publications.
    Reminiscences (1908-13) were IMO also good as is the non-Holmes ‘Round the Fire’ set.

  2. Backseat Bloggeron 12 Jan 2011 at 6:50 am

    it could also be that the sherlock stories are so much part of the culture(and have been done to death in movies and books ever since) that you already know the stories.

    check out the new sherlock which brings him into the present day. not only does the reinvention work, it’s works very well.

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