Feb 07 2011

Blog For Northern Voice 2011 And Be My Friend

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So it turns out I’m now in charge of getting some local Vancouver bloggers to blog for Northern Voice 2011. NV2011 would be the personal blogging and social media conference where you can learn about how storytelling through blogging works, but more importantly, actually share some of those cool stories and build a community around them. And since this conference about blogging has a blog that needs content, I’m asking for your help to keep it fresh.

Do you want to blog for Northern Voice? The process is pretty simple. Get in touch with me. I think I’d prefer that you go through the conference’s mainĀ info [AT] northernvoice [DOT] ca email, so my pals have an official record of your generous volunteerism. That said, if you want to just contact me directly, try my jnarvey [AT] writeimage [DOT] ca email. I won’t turn you away.

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