Mar 09 2011

It’s ShanesWorld! It’s Party Time. It’s Excellent!

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My good friend and Vancouver blogger extraordinaire Shane Birley (yes, he literally wrote – OK, co-wrote – the book on blogging) is having a birthday this month. Coincidentally, he’s been blogging up a storm lately. He may have one of the most active personal blogs going in Vancouver right now.

I’ve been a fan of the uber-blog that is ShanesWorld for a while, but recently I’ve also been catching up on some of the best posts he’s done over the years. There are a lot of them, since he’s been at it pretty much since blogging was invented. Here’s my list of the top 10 posts, as curated according to the criteria of compelling content, interesting topics and a hint or two breaking down the ferociously complex character of Mr. Birley. Here goes:

1. Firefly References in Chuck, Castle, and Big Bang Theory. If the tragically short-lived science fiction series that was Firefly has a greatest fan, Shane is that person.

2. Had Another Good Show at Dyscultured and I Must Have Something To Share. Shane podcasts about pop culture and everything else that’s cool.

3. Cleaning Up For 2011. You wouldn’t know it from the title, but this blog post has one of the most heart-warming tales of puppy love you’ll ever read about.

4. Fearing The Twitter Impersonator? Shane deals with an episode of identity theft (well, borrowing?) in cyberspace.

5. What To Do About Norman Fell. Shane examines the extraordinary life of the man the world remembers as Mr. Roper from Three’s Company — and a card-carrying member of the original Rat Pack.

6. Blogathon Photos. The one where Shane takes a flying leap into the abyss and lives to tell about it.

7. Beer: Should It Stay or Should It Go? Shane likes beer. But beer isn’t great for you if you’re trying to stay in top form. What a dilemma!

8. Creative City Cabaret in Vancouver and Presented by Left Right Minds! Shane’s company helps produce one of the coolest events in Vancouver’s history.

9. My Blogging For Dummies Books Arrived! Feel the pride, published author. Shane also writes poetry and creative fiction, when he’s not writing books.

10. Happy Birthday Allyson: A Daily Play by Play of A Birthday Girl! Everybody knows that Joanie Loves Chachi and Shane loves Allyson. Aaaaaaawwwww.

Like I said, Shane’s a complicated dude. So these blog posts only give the barest hint of what this web-powered Renaissance man is all about. If you’re lucky, you’ll get a chance to meet him at a Vancouver Blogger Meetup. Or Northern Voice 2011. If you’re not going to those, your best bet is attending a Firefly marathon party.

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One Response to “It’s ShanesWorld! It’s Party Time. It’s Excellent!”

  1. Shaneon 10 Mar 2011 at 8:24 am

    Dude, you spoil me. But, don’t stop. I am surprised the blog roll post didn’t make the cut.

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