Mar 17 2011

What’s Next For Japan?

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Earthquakes. A Tsunami. A volcano eruption. Mass destruction. A possible nuclear meltdown, perhaps narrowly averted only thanks to the heroic and self-sacrificing efforts of nuclear plant staff, not to mention ordinary Japanese citizens. You almost expect Godzilla and Mothra to show up, just to top it off.

We stand with you, Japan.

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One Response to “What’s Next For Japan?”

  1. melwildeon 17 Mar 2011 at 7:19 pm

    I read this morning that Malaysian police had seized a ship from China to one of those peace loving Nations in the middle east.
    The seized cargo included weapons of mass destruction including nuclear warheads. The case is being investigated. (source Stratfor)

    I don’t really know which side President Obama represents, but this world of ours is a much more dangerous place than ever before. What makes matters worse is the degree of misinformation that influences democratic Nations and their populations to avoid realizing how very dangerous things are getting.

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