Apr 29 2011

Superman. Traitor Or Stealth Patriot?

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Superman didn’t give up on America.

America gave up on America.

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One Response to “Superman. Traitor Or Stealth Patriot?”

  1. Hollieon 29 Apr 2011 at 4:26 pm

    I think you guys managed to get it right this time. Superman’s sudden change of heart is obviously nothing more than an act of subtle protest by the authors of the comic book. (I’m a little bit surprised that they got away with it; the DC-Warner Bros. movie partnership has gotten pretty profitable, and politics could be trouble at the box office.) You’re certainly correct that Superman isn’t gonna become a “musclebound Noam Chomsky;” but up to now, he’s not exactly been a musclebound William F. Buckley Jr., either. He’s been resolutely apolitical.

    As a fairly recent immigrant from Atlanta, Georgia to Ontario, I know too well what you mean by “America left America.” Not because I love her less, but because she’s not there any more. I wonder if Superman has picked up on that, in addition to his new globalist sentiments?

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