Jun 15 2011

My Favorite Tweets From The #Canucks #Riot

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Vancouver may have had the most well-documented riot in the history of the world, thanks to social media. A few choice tweets:

  • lyteforce Chris If you’re a REAL #Canucks fan & you have pix, vids or know any one of these idiots downtown – give the info to the VPD!
  • frizzbarks Julie Frizzo-Barker RT @teenbug: I wish there was a penalty box for bad behaviour in real-life. Oh wait! There is. It’s called “Jail.” #Canucks #Vancouver #riot
  • richardwolak Richard Wolak RT @briangrellmann: you now it’s bad when #riot is the top trending hashtag on twitter
  • @kevin_wiener In all fairness, ‘our hockey team lost’ is probably a less stupid reason for this than ‘leaders are having a meeting’. #fb
  • @phannyx Wait minute.. Wasn’t there a hockey game tonight?
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One Response to “My Favorite Tweets From The #Canucks #Riot”

  1. Brad Brzezinskion 16 Jun 2011 at 8:32 am

    Cup Final by the Vancouver Canucks.

    Rioting by the Vancouver Shamucks.

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