Aug 11 2011

D&D and Me

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Friends and colleagues in Vancouver already know I like to geek out. But not everyone knows that at one time, I was big into Dungeons & Dragons.

(WARNING: For those who only like to read my political, technology, Vancouver-ific or social media blog posts, you may want to skip this one).

I started gaming again with some buddies on the weekend (technically not D&D, but a simpler RPG called Savage Worlds in which I’m running a D&D-like fantasy campaign). The first time back was a blast, with the players facing off with brave dedication against terrifying squid-headed wizards and bloody-clawed Undead, trying all the while to avoid becoming pawns in a larger conflict by millenia-old vampiric kings. The fast-paced play was complemented by a robust portion of Singaporean noodles washed down with Granville Island beer.

I used to play back in high school and university. Good times. I was always happier as a DM running the game than as roleplaying a character. Sort of like the difference between being a director and an actor in a drama, I guess. It’s not that I need to be in control — I just always thought it was more fun to create a whole world than explore a tiny section of it.

Looking forward to continuing more adventures with friends. Until next time, here’s a great video one of my roleplaying buddies forwarded along that helps give both longtime D&D fans and people who have never played an idea of just what all the fuss is about.

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