Aug 20 2011

My CBC is Getting Smoked in the Comments

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In an effort to engage their audience, the CBC asks them to “Tell us what the CBC means to you.”

And proceeds to get shellacked in the comments. It’s a self-inflicted social media smack-down. A typical example of the 57 overwhelmingly critical responses thus far:

My CBC is my Pravda as the CBC is clearly a propaganda vehicle designed to filter information in line with the Bilderberg group mandate using Peter Mansbridge who is a member. Unbiased criticism of government federal or provincial will not be found coming from “my” CBC. Neither will any criticism of the policies of the Bank of Canada be found here either.

I have come to the conclusion that keeping Canadians informed has never been the purpose of the CBC with it’s so called journalists, but rather to keep Canadians disinformed. Therefore, I feel the CBC has been very successful in that regard.

Oh my dear lord, this is funny. Most CBC employees fans will try to portray this as a petty and mischievous campaign by the competition and those with an ideological grudge. Fair enough. No doubt, there is some of that going on. And when most of the commenters suggest de-funding the CBC, it’s not like the people running the network are going to be able to work with that feedback (ie. “Our viewers think we shouldn’t get any more public money. I guess all we can do is close up shop. Private sector, you win.”). But they might at least investigate whether the perception of overly PC and left-wing bias among their commentators has some merit and needs to get corrected (an assessment I heartily agree with, BTW).

Those defenders should also at least ask the question: why aren’t more people coming out to say nice things about their favorite media network?

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5 Responses to “My CBC is Getting Smoked in the Comments”

  1. AEKon 20 Aug 2011 at 10:25 pm

    Thanks for bringing this article to people’s attention.

    I am surprised that some of the comments, which appear to be overwhelmingly negative of the State Broadcaster were posted, because the CBC ‘pre-moderates’ i.e. censors comments.

    Surprising, since censorship is what we expect from the CBC. Perhaps the amount of censorship depends on the daily mood of the censors: Whether they had fun the night before, etc.

    In the past, I have posted comments that are well written but critical of the State Broadcaster, and they never saw the light of day on their website.

    I have yet to see the CBC’s guidelines regarding their censorship of comments.

  2. E Macon 21 Aug 2011 at 5:08 am

    There are no guidelines – they make them up as they go!

    Are you listening Mr. PM?

    Get rid of this red herring.

  3. melwildeon 21 Aug 2011 at 5:45 am

    Perhaps copies should be sent to Minister Moore!

  4. Stanon 21 Aug 2011 at 8:46 pm

    Oh contraire!!
    According to a new improved CBC article it’s positively a love in for the CBC!

    “CBC is marking its 75th anniversary this fall, and in anticipation of the festive occasion, we’ve asked you to tell us what the public broadcaster means to you by completing the sentence “My CBC is…”

    Your response has been overwhelming so far, with several of you taking time to write genuinely thoughtful emails and posts about CBC, complete with praise for some of your favourite shows past and present. Here’s a sampling of what you’ve been saying so far:

    Facebook member Christopher David LeBlanc kicked off the discussion with this warm greeting:

    “The CBC, well how Canadian is that eh. Cheers to the years.”

    The story also prompted several warm email comments from avid CBC Radio listeners:

    “My CBC is a life line and the only radio station worth listening to. Keep up the good work e.g. Ideas, As It Happens, CBC News, Randy Bachmann, Definitly Not the Opera, Q, Dispatches, etc,” wrote Jim Lutzuk.
    “I moved to Canada in 1968 from the UK and have listened to the CBC ever since. I listened in Vancouver when I lived there, in Victoria likewise then when moving to the Maritimes listened to CBC Halifax and now live in Morden. My CBC is my network to what is going on locally, across the country, and around the world. People like Peter Gzowski, Shelagh Rogers, Bill Richardson, Vicki Gabereau, Anna Maria Tremonte, Elizabeth Logan (locally) and others have contributed to my world view and have given me a sense of connection across the country. I only listen to the CBC and have not always agreed with the changes made, but overall am delighted to live in a country with such excellent radio coverage,” added Jeanette A. Auger.
    “My CBC is As It Happens. It brought the world’s culture and politics to Canadians,” said Facebook member Jean Eng, who added, “I still miss Barbara Frum.”
    Fellow Facebook user John Kearns echoed Jean’s praise, noting: “Q and other great shows that make Canada a smaller place ….””


  5. Randyon 22 Aug 2011 at 10:54 am

    Hey I loved Gzowski on radio too but let’s get into the 21st century at some point. That was 40 years ago. That’s also when the so called greatest Canadian also touted the value of eugenics. Should we worship him for that too or just his medicare ideas?

    Speaking of Peter Gzowski or Barbara Frum. Maybe Mansbridge should be made to listen ALL of their old interviews. They would have simply laughed Petey out of the room for the interview questions he compiles. Nuance the nuance so as to provide only one way to answer the question….the way Petey wants it answered. Yeah yeah the good old days when jounos had minds to debate and engage. Watson, LaPierre, Frum, Needham.

    What useless CBC channel is Jeopardy on I forget?

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