Oct 17 2011

Traveling in New York City

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Some highlights of my vacation in New York City so far:

  1. Not getting deported immediately upon arrival at JFK. I thought I lost my passport and scrambled to find it for 5 minutes (It was in my backpack).
  2. A slice of pizza from the restaurant where Peter Parker worked as a delivery guy before pursuing a different career as a superhero.
  3. Eating octopus in the Greek neighborhood of Astoria in Queens.
  4. Walking over the Brooklyn Bridge.
  5. Pints of various Brooklyn beverages during happy hour. $3 a beer? Seriously.

I’ll be meeting some fellow propagandists tomorrow, taking part in a writing meetup and checking out “Occupy Wall Street” (For those who know me well and are asking themselves, “what took you so long?”, all I can say is politics and headline news have been on the back burner for this trip). I’m looking forward to actually hanging out with some cool locals.

If you’re a New York-based blogger, political pundit, social media nerd or related sort of creative type, please do feel free to get in touch while I’m here. Cheers.

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