Feb 26 2012

The D&D Song and Some Thoughts on Running an RPG

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Ah, another video about the awesomeness of RPG games — specifically, the original D&D game that pitted humans vs. Orcs vs. Owlbears vs. Lizard Men ad infinitum. Cool stuff.

Game night was a mixed bag last week as we continued our campaign in Zombie Run, a Walking Dead-type scenario. It started out really fun but did not end well. Our heroes learned why it’s a bad idea to try to storm a highway motel with only three dudes against a small army of well-armed raiders.

I felt really terrible about the result, since it’s only been three months or so since another party of adventurers got nuked, er, zapped into another magical realm, on my watch, but come on — meet me halfway, guys. Draw off some of the bad guys and slit their throats two at a time, ninja-style. Or retreat back to the farm and take these bad guys on when you’ve got some cannon fodder with you. Or figure out something else — anything but kicking in the front door.

In retrospect, I can’t put all of the blame for this tragic result on my poor Player Characters, since the dice were not with them at some critical junctures where they might have learned more about the threat awaiting them, along with some other stuff that would have closed off some dangling loose ends. Better intelligence about the problem leads to better decision making — so I’m making an exception and allowing a re-do at a critical juncture.

Not an ideal situation, but it beats ending the game in the middle of a useless side-quest. Plus, as much as my fellow players may think otherwise, I really don’t like killing the good guys. NPCs, sure, they can drop like flies. It helps set the mood in an apocalyptic adventure. But when players die, it’s a real bummer for everyone.

If any of my players are reading this, here’s a little hint: use up your bennies to try really cool heroic stuff, not just soak damage. You’ll get more bennies during the game session when you do cool stuff and you’ll be more likely to succeed.

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