Mar 28 2012

Terrorists, Tyrants’ Stooges and Deluded Activists Make a Run for the Border

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Canada and the USA are friends. Allies. Close cousins tied together by culture, trade and mutual interest. That said, if a few million enraged Americans intent on swallowing our country suddenly rushed our border and made a dash for Ottawa — and announced their weird plan months in advance — the Canucks would not take this breach of sovereignty lying down.

In less than 48 hours, Israel will be in this situation. Well, sort of. The borderlands there are already inhabited by people who have either formally or informally boycotted the Jewish state. Several sections along the border are inhabited by lunatics who have on many occasions launched indiscriminate attacks against Israeli civilians — all for the sake of slaking their bloodlust, distracting the international community from the daily brutalities of Middle Eastern despots, or just getting a couple of days worth of friendly coverage by the BBC or the Guardian.

The actual number of participants will probably be in the thousands, not millions. But even a few thousand runners can put border police on their back foot. This is not a game.

Should the Global March to Jerusalem materialize as planned, the Israelis will be forced to use every means at their disposal to protect their borders, or else watch their tiny country get trampled and conquered by a swarm of humanity that would like nothing less than the destruction of a United Nations member state.

As the Syrian government murders thousands of its own civilians, Libya replaces one torturing regime with another and Egyptian mobs swiftly finish a centuries-long genocide of its Christian population, the world’s “human rights defenders” will ally with dictators and terrorists to assault the Middle East’s only free democracy.

Learn the facts about this totally avoidable farce and tragedy. Check out this site exposing the truth about the Global March to Jerusalem

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