May 04 2012

Thoughts On Love

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A good friend of mine is getting married soon. This makes me happy. I know he’s going to have a good marriage because he’s a good dude. I haven’t met the bride to be, but I hear she’s a lovely lady.

I’ve been married a good while. So I think I know a little bit about how this works.

Some people think that marriage is the end. It’s where the relationship hits its zenith. That’s it. The end. Everything after that is only a pale reflection of that happy day. The relationship can’t evolve from there. You’re done.

Not true. I love my wife more every day. And I will love her more every day until I die. On the ten-thousandth day of our union, I will love her 10,000 times more than the day we were married. That’s just the way it is. Love gets better with time.

That is my message to my friend and to everyone else who loves. It doesn’t stop. It only gets better.

If you want it to.

That’s the secret. You have to want to love. You have to want to make the person you love happy. And that’s what you get. Happy times.

Happy times all around. And happy Friday.

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