Jun 16 2012

Some Thoughts On Northern Voice 2012

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The first day of the Northern Voice conference in Vancouver went well. My experimental liveblogging adventure confirmed the old adage that what you get out of something depends on what you put into it; it was about creative people having fun by engaging in a collaborative digital storytelling experience (or digital graffiti, as Steve Dotto defined it, if you prefer).

Some questions I have for my fellow conference organizers and attendees:

1. Northern Voice has evolved from a blogging conference into a “personal blogging and social media” conference. We talk a lot about personal voice expressed digitally being at the heart of what the conference is really about. I wonder if we ought to enlarge the discussion to include more digital self-publishing (ie. eBook) authors as well as animators or digital artists — people telling their stories in even more mediums? Or does that water down or confuse what the conference is fundamentally about?

2. A number of speakers in various years have politicized their talks, either on purpose or inadvertently (eg. “Stephen Harper is trying to [insert nefarious and undeniably partisan assumption”]) even where the same complaint could be applied to “government” in general as opposed to particular parties (or “regimes”). It’s something that has happened in the past that’s annoyed me — I’m not a fan of politicking to a captive audience. Not all speakers do it — the best ones usually don’t. Have other attendees noticed this, or am I being picky?

Heading off to another session now. More thoughts later.

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