Jun 17 2012

Some Final Thoughts On Northern Voice 2012

Vancouver’s coolest personal blogging and social media conference is done. Some random thoughts, in no particular order:

  1. There are tons of smart, creative people in this city doing cool stuff. I already knew that, but it was re-confirmed this weekend.
  2. Pinterest drives traffic. Note to self: open an account. Thanks, Rebecca Coleman.
  3. David Ng had some great ideas on crowdsourcing that I shall put into use with a number of projects I’m involved with. Hope he posts his slides somewhere. In the meantime, do check out how he talks science. It’s fascinating.
  4. Shane Birley is a creative genius. I knew that already, too. But his presentation on the Evolution of Personal Voice took a quantum leap forward as one of the best presentations at any Northern Voice conference in any year. And I’m not biased because I got to play a small part in the theatrical component.I actually was so impressed by how well things went that I’m hoping at least half of the presentations next year incorporate some kind of “performing” component. Fewer speeches, more stories. Less explaining, more acting.
  5. I didn’t know you could do that. Allyson McGrane‘s witty and timely interjections during the Evolution of Personal Voice helped put that presentation over the top. Best unscripted audience participation, ever. Also, the truth can now be known: tying the theme into Quantum Leap? Ally’s idea. You’re awesome.
  6. Lunch menus were awesome. Elk chili rocked. Coffee and treats were perfect. W2 Cafe did a great job.
  7. The Picasso-ization of social media is well on its way. As I alluded to in another post this weekend, more and more of our social media mavens are abandoning blogs in favor of micro-blogging (Twitter, Facebook status updates, etc), condensing their thoughts into Cubist bite-sized versions of their original ideas. Not all bloggers are doing this. But I suspect it’s gone too far, to the point that many good ideas that deserve feature treatment are actually getting lost in translation to such a short format.
  8. Monica Hamburg should really turn Your Daily Dose of Lunacy into an eBook with LeanPub (and I need to use LeanPub for a few projects of my own, BTW). Also, the S&M Rants rock.
  9. I didn’t know Tim Bray had a blog. He does and it’s ongoing. Now subscribed in my RSS Reader.
  10. Duncan McHugh isn’t just one of the nicest and smartest guys I know. The President of the Northern Voice organizing committee showed a lot of leadership over the whole weekend, keeping everyone on an even keel despite a thousand simultaneous distractions and last-minute changes. Listen to him talk about storytelling with multimedia to get a sense of his intelligence and charm.
  11. Just noticed this tweet from Lauren Wood, of the NV Organizing Committee: “Off to @northernvoice and hoping I didn’t forget anything important”. Of course you didn’t. That’s OUR job, to forget stuff. Lauren is the one who remembers all. This conference has a lot of moving parts and she always seemed to know where everything was at any given time.
  12. Danielle Lim uses Instagram the way it was meant to be used. That’s another social media platform I need to start using… three months ago. Follow her tweets.
  13. Ben Abel and I are going to see Batman 3 and probably Prometheus as well. I had no idea he was such a sci-fi fan. Check out his stuff over at Vancouver Gadgets, one of the best tech blogs around.
  14. W2 Media Centre was a perfect location for our conference: accessible, ultra-modern and tied intimately to the local community.
  15. The wine tasting and party were fun and relaxed. Good times. Let’s do this again.

Were you at Northern Voice 2012 in Vancouver? What were your impressions? Leave a comment!

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