Jul 04 2012

The Guy On The Internet

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He’s not a nice guy. He’s kind of dumb. And I’m pretty sure he’s stopped by this blog once or twice. H/T Butterflies and Wheels

But this is how he becomes Guy On The Internet: his eye catches a chunk of viral garbage. A grain silo that goes BANG when you chuck a rock at it. The simple cause/effect phenomenon that appeals to the caveman in all of us. Maybe this guy is willing and able to think critically, realize that this sort of language is misanthropic and hurts everyone, and decide whether he wants to live as an individual.

If he doesn’t, he is Guy On The Internet. He is thoughtless and gullible. He’s firmly entrenched at the intersection of Mediocre and Cruel, which is just about the most weak, miserable place a person can find one’s self.

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