Jul 23 2012

On Zombie Psychics

Published by at 11:47 pm under Fiction

So I had this great idea I was trying to work out for a story where essentially mindless zombies have psychic powers that help them wreak havoc on all other living things. Then I read Stephen King’s Cell a few weeks back and realized the Master of Horror scooped me by about five years. Damnit.

Oh well. Cell was a great read. And naturally, King did it better than I would have.

I’ve gone back to the drawing board and have re-jigged my zombie story. No more psychic powers, but I’m hoping what I’ve got makes them original (because really, at this point, I’d say the market is pretty saturated with plain-old angry biting zombies). Now I have to get it written before Dean Koontz scuppers my plan.

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