Jul 24 2012

The Terror of Creating a Theatre Festival

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Vancouver’s Neanderthal Arts Festival producer Allyson McGrane talks about what motivates her to do what she does despite the fear:

So why make a summer theatre festival? What if no one comes? What if the performances are unwatchable? What if everything goes wrong AND we set the theatre on fire (again)? The whole endeavour is crammed full of what ifs…

And I want you to come and see the artists who are part of the festival. Artists who are creating new work or developing existing work to a new level or bringing their work to a new audience. And on this Monday night – mere days before facing an audience – I suspect many of them are terrified too.

I’ve seen some great shows so far. God is a Scottish Drag Queen. Tyumen, Then. House of X. All great stuff. If you’re in Vancouver and like live, original theatre, you need to check it out. Arts festivals — they’re not just for artists (or just for neanderthals, for that matter).

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