Aug 24 2012

Stuff I’m Writing Elsewhere. Creationism is Bunk, Podcast with a Feminist, Lizard Wizards, Dagon and More

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This summer, I’ve been a bit less focused on my creative writing and a bit more focused on just… well, enjoying the summer. That said, I’m still up to a whole shwack of goofiness on the Interwebs. For instance:

Political Stuff at The Propagandist

RPG Gaming Stuff at Savage Games

Cthulhu-themed Stuff at Detectives vs. The Slime Monster from Outer Space

Business Stuff at WRITEIMAGE

Still haven’t gotten around to reading the two greatest novels in the English language? Boy, are you in for a treat.

  • The Detective vs. The Slime Monster from Outer Space. Cthulhu fans, you’re going to like this one. Also, anyone who likes cheesy sci-fi and detective pulp fiction, or preferably both. Available in trade paperback or Kindle eBook.
  • A History of the Middle Eastside. The Middle East we know and love tolerate is a tough neighborhood. Well, the Middle Eastside is even tougher. Can Uncle Herzl and his plucky gang of Yids hold out against the Muj gangsters that want to throw them all into the harbor?

Enjoy your weekend, people!

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