Sep 11 2012

Explaining 9/11 to a Child

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How do you explain what happened on 9/11 — and our ensuing global conflict with theocratic fascists — to a child in a way that they can understand?

I take a shot over at The Propagandist. Teaching Billy About 9/11

BILLY. Yeah. So, the people who attacked America — Al Keeda? They had bad mommies and daddies?

JOHN. It’s a little more complicated. The people who flew those planes into those buildings were grown-ups like me.

Kids are kids. Sometimes, when they do bad things, it’s because they don’t know any better. They can’t control themselves.

But grown-ups can do what they want. If I punched you in the eye like Tommy did, I’d go to jail — and rightly so. Because I’d be responsible. I couldn’t tell the judge I had a bad day or I was feeling cranky because I skipped lunch or you forgot to clean your room. I’m an adult. I’m responsible for what I do.

BILLY. So those Al Keeda people were grown-ups but they hit America just because they hated us? They should go to jail.

JOHN. Well… yeah.

Feel free to share a link. I know quite a few adults who could use some splainin’ like this as well.

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