Apr 19 2013

Can We Talk About Jihad Now?

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I imagine that a lot of Americans are going to have certain questions on their minds today. For instance, “where the fuck is Chechnya?” After doing about two minutes of Googling, many will have a follow-up question: “If the Russians invaded Chechnya and they had this whole big war and everything that’s sort of still going on in a way, how does that lead to Chechnyans blowing up Americans in Boston?”

The answer to the first question is “way the fuck over on the other side of the planet” — and the USA has fuck-all to do with that piddly little Russian would-be breakaway territory.

The second question could be answered thus: “The terrorists in Boston who hail from Chechny did not kill Americans because of some murderous ideology based on Chechyan nationalism. In all probability, they murdered Americans because of a murderous religious ideology — namely Islam.”

From my latest feature in The Propagandist:

From the impression you got from the “Please don’t let it be a Muslim” crowd, you might think that they’d actually be gloating if the bombers were Midwestern white supremacists rather than the Chechnyan Muslims they’ve turned out to be.

It’s almost like they were counting on this case to nullify the memory of hundreds of other jihadist operations already rolled up inside the USA — not to mention the tens of thousands of Islam-inspired suicide bombings, assassinations and murderous mob riots around the globe just since 9/11. “If this one case of terrorism wasn’t committed by Muslims, then we can wipe the slate clean — we can finally ignore the jihad threat and focus on the real threat: neo-Nazism or Che Guevara-ism or Templar Knight-ism! Phew! That’s a relief!”

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2 Responses to “Can We Talk About Jihad Now?”

  1. Billon 19 Apr 2013 at 9:04 pm

    Even in Canada, our PM said that the number one threat to Canada’s national security is radical Islam. Yet on the other hand Canada has let in record numbers of immigrants and refugees for these very Islamic countries that openly support and endorse jihad and terrorism against the infidel. In many of these said countries, they are killing their very own Muslim people cause they pray in a different style. I don’t get it anymore. I’m a die hard conservative but I think Stephan Harper is full of shit! I think he made that comment just to appease what is left of the actual political right in Canada and to sound somewhat right winged tough. I’ll still vote for Harpie but I no longer support the Cons financially and I no longer volunteer for them anymore.

    With regards to radical Islam and Canada, I am very disappointed at how the Harper government dealt with the Omar Khadr situation. I’m even further bothered by how cavalier many of the so called conservative supporters are with regards to the fact that the Khadr family are active jihad supporters and openly pray for jihad against Canada. Omar’s brother is living in Toronto and is wheelchair bound due to an injury he received fighting for the Islamic insurgency against the coalition. Consider this; Omar’s brother gets free health care cause he’s a Canadian citizen! As I’m sure you are aware, there are also many other active radical Islam sects right here in Canada as quoted by David Harris who is a national security expert.

    I hate to say it but It’s only a matter of time until something bad happens here in Canada. When it does I’m sure it wont change a damn thing. Look at 9/11. After that the immigration gates were opened up fully in the U.S. The same went for the Madrid bombings and the 7/7/05 London bombings. Those government responded with an iron fist! An iron fist was used to bang open the gates of immigration and let many more in in the name of tolerance.

  2. David Stewarton 20 Apr 2013 at 12:52 am

    Uh oh Chechnya has oil.

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