Apr 21 2013

Some Highlights of Fan Expo Vancouver

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Yes, I attended the biggest Comicon in the city, along with about 24,999 others this weekend. Some highlights from the nerd-fest:

Stan Lee answering a fan’s question about how DC comics influenced Marvel comics. “They influenced us a lot! We would read their comics and then do the opposite.”

In a later digression, he talked about the Marvel name. “I loved advertising and I understood the importance of a great brand name. We were originally Atlas comics, but once we had some success with our titles, I said we should change the name to Marvel. It’s such a great word from advertising. You can make great calls to action from it. ‘Make mine marvel!’ ‘Marvel’s mightiest heroes.’ ‘Welcome the Marvel age of comics.’ Shortly after we changed our name, our biggest competition, National Allied Publications, decided to change their name too — to D.C.” — he said with obvious relish.

Michael Rooker from the Walking Dead answering a fan’s question about whether he’d read the comic books before he starred in the TV show as the loveable redneck Merle Dixon. (I wasn’t taking notes, but this is the answer I recall): “Yeah, I read it. And then I called up my agent and told him, ‘this cat ain’t even in the comic books! What are we doing all this for?”

Cosplay awesomeness. Some of my favorite costumes (and you know who you are) — Ash from Army of Darkness, complete with chainsaw hand, Princess Bubblegum from Adventure Time, the Phoenix/Jean Grey twins, the Black Cat, the Black Widow, Thor, Captain America, the C3PO droid wearing the “Ladies, this is the droid you’re looking for” sign and of course, my best bud, the Storm Trooper.

* One note about photos. I’d anticipated taking about 400 photos from this event and blasting Flickr, but decided against it. First, I’ve learned that it’s impossible to “live in the moment” while taking tons of photos and I really did want to experience this event. Second, because Fan Expo Vancouver was so popular and crowded, people would almost invariably walk in front of whatever picture I was taking (I hate taking posed photos and prefer to get spontaneous shots — really too difficult in this case). Finally, I was sort of counting on other attendees to get the shots I wanted and post them on social media sites like Flickr and Facebook. While I did take a few shots at Fan Expo, all of the photos soon to be embedded in this post were shared by my fellow geeks.

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  1. Leeannon 21 Apr 2013 at 8:49 pm

    I have never been to this event or Anime Evolution and the like, but it seems like it would be so fun. The added bonus to get to speak to the many creative minds!

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