May 21 2013

Flickr is Still Awesome. Pinterest, Not So Much

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A couple of weeks ago, I noticed one of the Pinterest photos on this blog had been replaced with a blank image. No problem — I went back into Pinterest, found a new photo to embed, done and done.

And now all the Pinterest images I’ve embedded on all of my blogs are toast. Taken down for copyright violations, no doubt (Not by me — well, not directly. People aren’t supposed to Pin images unless they own copyright or it’s public domain). I’m not angry — how can I get angry with a service that I haven’t paid to use? Angry, no. Annoyed… Oh yes.

You see, I got lazy for a couple of months with my various blogs I was running. Pinterest seemed quicker for for finding cool shots and its embed script was just as easy to use as Flickr HTML embed code (though I could have done without the DIV tags). I would embed an image, throw in a witty line and publish. Bam! My readers knew I was phoning it in (as proven by my declining subscriber numbers), but I figured it was better than nothing.

Not better than nothing, actually. No, dozens of blog posts with witty images and no image to reference just look like a bunch of ugly non-sequiturs. My laziness had consequences after all. If it was a few images affected, no problem! But now they’re ALL down. Bleah.

Now, the same problem can happen with Flickr — in theory. But it doesn’t. In all the years I’ve used Flickr, I’ve only seen this kind of thing happen twice — and both times, it was because I’d temporarily made some of my own photo sets hosting those images Private (Now all of my photos are public by default).

I’m pleased to see that reports of Flickr‘s death (by Yahoo’s criminal negligence) are premature. It will once again be my only go-to site for grabbing photos for blog posts.

Sure, Instagram is my fave app for taking shots from my phone — but I still send them to Flickr to organize them. When I take photos from my digital camera, I upload the bunch to Flickr. It’s still a great service for organizing, tagging and viewing photos — which I just wouldn’t get by storing them on Dropbox.

So long, Pinterest. Flickr, may your relaunch be awesome.

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One Response to “Flickr is Still Awesome. Pinterest, Not So Much”

  1. Stephen Reeson 21 May 2013 at 5:30 pm

    Never used Pinterest. I am a Pro member of flickr – BUT in the last couple of days the total reworking of the user interface has been a very unpopular move among my contacts. I am going to stay a Pro because even though free accounts will now get 1 terabyte, they also get ads and are denied stats.

    But when using images from other places, I have found I am better off downloading the image and then saving it to the WP site. With all the appropriate permissions and credits of course.

    I think a lot of flickr links are going to stop working as it seems that quite a few people are going to go elsewhere – unless flickr relents and allows them to have the option of keeping the old look and feel

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