Sep 19 2013


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About six months ago, I started working out of a shared office in downtown Vancouver. Years of working from home had taken its toll; I was feeling cut off. Distracted. Stuck. So I made a change.

Change is good.

I’ve been sharing an office with the smart, capable, friendly folks who run Global Bend, Derek and Ashleigh. They’ve made me feel very welcome — part of a team again. Connected with people.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m a social guy. Even when I worked from home, I had meetings at least a few times a week with clients. I’ve got various social circles I move in. And of course, there’s the love of my life. I was never truly alone.

But the core of what I do most days is writing, which by nature is an isolating kind of activity. It’s good to be around people, even if it’s just to be around people.

Thanks, people.

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