Apr 22 2012


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Jonathon Narvey spends most of his time writing copy for shadowy corporations, but when he’s got a moment to spare, he also writes novels. His fingers get very tired from all of the typing.

The first book in Jonathon Narvey’s forthcoming Cthulhu-esque trilogy will be published by Permuted Press starting in 2014. Details to follow ASAP!

  • If you’d like a little preview into the genre, check out the blog, The Investigation, for the latest reports from an intrepid detective into the machinations of the Cthulhu cult.

Buy the trade paperback or eBook version of A History Of The Middle Eastside - like Gangs of New York, but with a whole lot more Yiddish. The novel is an allegory for the Jewish nation’s modern struggle to protect their tiny corner of turf in the heart of the Middle East — one of the world’s toughest boroughs.

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