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May 21 2013

Flickr is Still Awesome. Pinterest, Not So Much

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A couple of weeks ago, I noticed one of the Pinterest photos on this blog had been replaced with a blank image. No problem — I went back into Pinterest, found a new photo to embed, done and done.

And now all the Pinterest images I’ve embedded on all of my blogs are toast. Taken down for copyright violations, no doubt (Not by me — well, not directly. People aren’t supposed to Pin images unless they own copyright or it’s public domain). I’m not angry — how can I get angry with a service that I haven’t paid to use? Angry, no. Annoyed… Oh yes. Continue Reading »

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Nov 15 2012

Banned from Boing Boing while the Bombs Are Falling

Leave a couple of comments suggesting that people ought to be able to shoot back at terrorists who are trying to kill them, or that Palestinians, far from starving to death en masse actually live better than their neighbors — and the nice, creative science nerds at the blog of interesting things will ban you.

I should have stuck to leaving comments only on funny cat pictures and Cthulhu-themed posts. Oh well. Their loss.

Also over at The Propagandist, my Israeli friend Jonathan Danilowitz has a first-hand account of what it’s like to live in Tel Aviv, a modern city being targeted by psychopaths armed with heavy weapons.

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Nov 12 2012

For Once the Commentary is About Me

Here I am on my blog, just mentioning that I’ve been featured on The Commentary blog, having a conversation with Joseph Planta about why I’m not a blogger.

Many thanks to Joe for arranging the podcast. Please do check it out. We talk about how blogging culture has evolved in Vancouver, why it’s important to link up in the real world with people you encounter online and how creative people identify themselves today.

Connect with Jonathon Narvey on Google+

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Nov 02 2012

I Blog but I’m Not a Blogger

What does it mean to call yourself a blogger when everybody has a blog?

Let me backtrack a bit. When the Vancouver Blogger Meetup died, nobody mourned. Few people even noticed. In fact, if you go to their page, it looks like it’s still alive — sort of. There’s a bunch of cool dudes I know well who are allegedly organizing it — except that there hasn’t been a meetup scheduled since March (which is when I was still helping organize these events). The main organizer and my old pal, Raul, isn’t even living in Vancouver anymore and he announced an indefinite hiatus from blogging back in September. The organizers aren’t even active enough to put the thing out of its misery.

That isn’t a challenge or a provocation to those people who still have their names on the masthead, by the way. The Vancouver Blogger Meetup put on some great events. We had lots of interesting discussions, shared some laughs and scarfed down a whole lot of pizza. But I think that meetup is pretty much dead — and the only thing I can think is it’s about time. Continue Reading »

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Jul 23 2012

Gray Spotting is Good Reading

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My good friend John Gray’s been blogging his socks off lately. He’s one of the most insightful guys I know and he shares my love of this city, technology, business, politics and caffeine.

For those of you who haven’t made his acquaintance, he’s a tech startup veteran, business development genius and cafe aficionado. Lately, he’s been writing lots of great stuff, so he gets a shout out from me:

Bookmark ‘em, people!


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