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Aug 12 2013

Are We Living in the Prohibition Era Again?

A local politician has a couple of beers at a street festival. He enjoys himself. He doesn’t piss on the sidewalk outside of a restaurant. He doesn’t vomit on tourists from Japan. He just… has a couple of beers at a festival.

This makes national news in Canada.


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Jan 02 2013

The Fish Broth Miracle Diet

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I was kind of wondering when a Canadian journalist would get around to pointing out the obvious (Thanks Ezra): for someone on a hunger strike for 23 days, the double-chinned Attawapiskat Chief Theresa Spence doesn’t seem like she’s lost a whole lot of weight. At this rate, she might just be able to hold out until sometime in March. How many calories are in fish broth, lemon tea and all of those vitamin supplements she’s taking, anyway? Indeed, where is the precedent for calling this particular regimen a “hunger strike”? I’m sure she is hungry — but is it overly cynical of me to suspect that she’s in more danger of cardiac arrest from too much salt in her diet than from actually wasting away a la Gandhi? Continue Reading »

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Nov 26 2012

Re-Elect Rob Ford (or Whoever Else is Available)

Yeah, Rob Ford screwed up. But enough to get the boot? Nah.

Toronto is a big city. A great city. It deserves good government and fiscal responsibility, not the socialist freak show it got for decades. Whether that agent of change is Rob Ford or some other candidate, it’s all good.

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May 10 2012

A Fetus Is Not A Human Being

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There. I said it.

I’d be standing with the people throwing condoms. And you can put away your crucifixes, “March for Life” dudes. We’re not fucking vampires.

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Apr 19 2012

Why Bill C-11 Sucks for Canadians

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Something that came up last night. Don’t want to lose access to the Internet? Learn more about Bill C-11, my fellow Canucks.

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