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Nov 03 2012

I Ride the SkyTrain

So when the cops find the asshole who put a bomb on the tracks, I think it would be very nice if they could leave him on the tracks.

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Aug 07 2012


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Everyone else in the universe has been blogging away about the Mars Rover’s hugely successful landing on the Red Planet. I don’t know what else to say except to note the obvious, that the name of NASA’s vehicle is perfect.


I think I’m going to name my bicycle “Speedy”.

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Jun 04 2012

Scumbag Arrested

They can lock Luka Rocco Magnotta up and throw away the key.

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Feb 20 2012

Cop Killer

I get the feeling that if I did the things that this cop had done, I’d be in prison for a very, very long time. But I don’t know if he’s going to serve any time at all.

RCMP Corporal Benjamin Robinson was driving drunk when he slammed into Orion Hutchinson, killing him. His lawyer suggested a contributing factor might be his involvement in the Robert Dziekansky case from 2007.

So, the cop’s defense amounts to this:

“I’m a sad drunk. Part of my deep booze-dulled sadness stems from my incompetent leadership of the team that killed a frightened and confused Polish immigrant at Vancouver International Airport. Ever since that man died, I really hoped that I wouldn’t inadvertently kill anyone else. Sorry. It looks like I did it again. But I mentioned that I’m a sad drunk, right? So maybe you can find it in your heart to go easy on me? Also, can we get this hearing over soon? My next shift for protecting and serving the public is in three hours and I really was hoping to get a couple of beers in me to mellow out. I can promise you that I will try very hard not to kill any other innocent people while on duty.”

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Feb 01 2012

Murder, Lies and the Bigotry of Low Expectations

My latest broadside in The Propagandist, The Bigotry of Low Expectations of Muslim Immigrants by an Imam. A note on honour killings, expectations of Canadian citizenship and some very weird comments by a Canadian Imam who the mainstream media loves to quote. The way this guy talks about his fellow co-religionists, you’d almost be tempted to accuse him of… well, Islamophobia.

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