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Feb 18 2016

Timeliness in Pitching. Try Harder, Marketing Folks

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As an Editor with BetaKit, I get email pitches all the time from marketing and PR people from startups and tech titans.¬†Well over¬†half the time, I have to reject the pitch because it’s just not newsworthy. I hate rejecting folks — but at the same time, I only have limited bandwidth to cover everything that comes my way.

A big part of the problem comes down to timeliness, or lack thereof. If your pitch looks like it could have been written at any time over the past six months to six years, I’m not going to pick up on it. Give me a timely hook. Why should I write about your thing this month? Even better, why this week — or dare I say it, why today?

I’m not asking for the moon, here. If you can give me a little more in that department, I can give you a lot more. Thanks, PR and marketing peeps!

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