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Aug 20 2011

My CBC is Getting Smoked in the Comments

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In an effort to engage their audience, the CBC asks them to “Tell us what the CBC means to you.”

And proceeds to get shellacked in the comments. It’s a self-inflicted social media smack-down. A typical example of the 57 overwhelmingly critical responses thus far:

My CBC is my Pravda as the CBC is clearly a propaganda vehicle designed to filter information in line with the Bilderberg group mandate using Peter Mansbridge who is a member. Unbiased criticism of government federal or provincial will not be found coming from “my” CBC. Neither will any criticism of the policies of the Bank of Canada be found here either.

I have come to the conclusion that keeping Canadians informed has never been the purpose of the CBC with it’s so called journalists, but rather to keep Canadians disinformed. Therefore, I feel the CBC has been very successful in that regard.

Oh my dear lord, this is funny. Most CBC employees fans will try to portray this as a petty and mischievous campaign by the competition and those with an ideological grudge. Fair enough. No doubt, there is some of that going on. And when most of the commenters suggest de-funding the CBC, it’s not like the people running the network are going to be able to work with that feedback (ie. “Our viewers think we shouldn’t get any more public money. I guess all we can do is close up shop. Private sector, you win.”). But they might at least investigate whether the perception of overly PC and left-wing bias among their commentators has some merit and needs to get corrected (an assessment I heartily agree with, BTW).

Those defenders should also at least ask the question: why aren’t more people coming out to say nice things about their favorite media network?

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