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Mar 04 2011

The Middle East Is A Rough Neighborhood

As I illustrated in my novel, the Middle East is a place full of strange, violent and revolutionary characters. And I’ve been commenting a fair bit over at The Propagandist on the consequences of the blazingly rapid change sweeping the region:

See more at The Propagandist magazine

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Feb 16 2011

Buy My Book For $500. Or $10. Your Choice

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I’m not exactly sure how Amazon works, but somebody seems to be making a whole lot of money off my novel, A History of The Middle Eastside.

If these guys at “quality-books” can actually find a buyer at that price, all the power to them.

Of course, if you’d like to purchase my book for $9.99 plus shipping, that would be swell, too.

Want a FREE COPY of A History Of The Middle Eastside? If you’re a book reviewer for a magazine, newspaper or political/literary/cultural blog, I’ve still got a few review copies I can send out. Contact me at jnarvey [AT] writeimage [DOT] ca

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Dec 20 2010

A History Of The Middle Eastside. Buy It On Amazon!

middle east novel fiction literatureI mentioned on this blog a little while back that I wrote a novel in 2010. It’s called A History Of The Middle Eastside and it’s now available for purchase on Amazon.

If you haven’t quite finished your Christmas shopping (I know, I didn’t quite make the deadline for Chanukah) and like books, check it out. It’s a “Gangs of New York”-style allegory for the history of Zionism, international intrigues and the modern Middle East. It’s a bit surreal, like a Charlie Kaufman film, with some emulative touches of Michael Chabon’s “The Yiddish Policemen’s Union”. And violent, as you might expect from a gangster story. Er, perfect for the holiday season.

If you’re a book reviewer or political commentator (blogger or mainstream media) and interested in writing about it, I do have a limited number of review copies available. Contact me at jnarvey [AT] writeimage [DOT] ca


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Oct 16 2010

Propaganda Roundup. Sudan, Libel Tourism, Iran and More

Some great new articles at The Propagandist, your one-stop shop for brass-knuckles political commentary.

Confusion to our enemies!

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Sep 21 2010

How Beijing Brought Peace To The Middle East

For this International Day of Peace, I was generously invited by The Mark to write about a possible pathway to peace. To no one’s surprise, I chose the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. And I’d like to think that if reality played out this way, we’d have a solution in about 24 hours. Read the full article, China Can Solve Israeli-Palestinian Conflict. An excerpt:

Middle East watchers and pundits are gobsmacked at the sheer speed of the talks. How could these leaders hash out an agreement in mere hours after decades of wrangling and bloodshed?

That morning, an utterly forgettable American envoy named Joe walked into the room and sheepishly addressed the Israeli and Palestinian leaders. He turned out to be an accountant. Querulous introductions followed. Next, he outlined some harsh truths.

“Look, the U.S. just can’t afford to keep pouring money down the drain and neither can our European pals,” Joe said with a shrug. “We’re broke. And our Chinese creditors, to whom we owe trillions, are threatening to call in our loans. And they’ve given us certain … conditions on our discretionary spending.”

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