Jul 28 2015

Still Doing Stuff

Tumbleweeds blow past dusty shuttered storefronts in the ghost down that was my digital life on this blog. It’s not that I’m not doing stuff — but like 98 percent of my blogging cohort from 5 years ago, life gets in the way of recording one’s life on this diary open to the world.

Time to clean up these streets and get back to my roots — at least for a minute.

I’ve spent the last while focusing on content marketing for clients and tech journalism for the universe, so I’m still writing — just less about heroes’ journeys and more about Vancouver startups, software, golf, turf farming and whatever else pays the bills.

My newest thing is Betakit. As Senior Editor on the West Coast, I get to opine about the tech sector in the true north. If you’ve got tech news in the Vancouver area, I’m your guy.

More updates soon! (Hopefully).

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